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License and restrictions

We allow our visitors to momentary download copies of the information on the website for individually and non-commercial transitory viewing only. These all are under the law to allow, not a change of topic, and under this license.

    1. You are not allowed to copy the material of the website.
    2. You may not use the content of this website for commercial and non-commercial.
    3. Decompiling or reverse engineer any software or coding consisted of the website is not allowed.
    4. Trying to remove any copyright or any other proprietary notations from the content of this website is not allowed.
    5. Share the material to another person and copy the material on another server is prohibited.

By using our website, the user consequently agrees and undertakes to ensure the following points.

    1. Users will not use in the automated device, other party software, process or mean to access, restoring data, or index our any content of our website.
    2. Using any device, process, or means to interfere and attempting to interfere with well-maintained working on this website is not allowed.
    3. Users will not take any action that will create trouble or make excessive traffic demands on our system that we consider in our single discretion to be no sense for website usage.

User may not use the content of our website for the following purpose:

    For developing a searchable database of properties. Using the
    For creating a Database of property details.
    Trying to compete with Enticing Apartments in any kind of manner that we have not especially authorized.
    Users may not use our content for spamming, chain letters, content, junk email, and survey whether commercially use or non-commercially.
    Using our web site's content in any kind of manner, which we explain in our single discretion as not sensible or not for the purpose.
    Violation of any right of the individual, consisting of copyright, trade secret, privacy, or any other property of proprietorship rights.
    Present any entity or try to request, money password, and personal information from any person.