Advantages of Hotel Apartments during COVID-19

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The COVID-19 Coronavirus has just mainly affected the hotel business and carried with it an immense measure of vulnerability. The main goal right now is clearly the safety of visitors and staff. In any case, hotel apartments are a lot more secure than other hospitalities, concerning keeping social distance. 

We, Enticing Apartments, a product of LeEnticing Global, will help provide you with information about the advantages of renting and staying in Hotel Apartments during COVID-19.

Here are four reasons why Hotel Apartments superior to other hospitalities during this pandemic: 


1. You are in charge of your own space 

Hotel Apartments accompany much more space, fundamentally a home away from our home. 

They have all the cutting edge amenities you would ever require. When you book in, you are absolutely in charge of your own apartment; development, plan and the best thing is the dinner arrangements. 

You have an entire completely prepared kitchen to set up your own suppers, assisting with complying with the social distancing rule. 

2. You can work and live 

Hotel Apartments have luxuries that empower you to live and work simultaneously; an ideal equalization of both business and delight. 

There are board rooms you can direct business in, away from interruptions. What's more, you can at present use space in your apartment for some tranquil investigation or work time. 

Remembering the reasons for transmission, here are various wellbeing estimates we have set up to guarantee our visitor's security: 

  • Everybody to wear masks (conceivably remembering visitor for open spaces). There is a developing measure of proof this extensively diminishes transmission.
  • A 'no contact' rule between staff or staff and visitors.
  • Keeping 2m distance between individuals – this implies diminishing the limit at shared spaces like pool, café.

3. Sanitization

We have set sanitizer at vital spots and signage to remind partners to wash hands 

  • Visitor Rooms: Housekeeping Steward to cling to cleaning and sanitizing SOPs to tidy up rooms after visitors withdraw and before the following visitor shows up, with specific consideration paid to high-contact things.
  • Open Spaces: Public Area stewards have expanded the recurrence of cleaning and sanitizing out in the open spaces, with an emphasis on the counter at the front work area, lifts (and lift catches), entryway handles, open restrooms.
  • Back of House: Increase the recurrence of cleaning concentrating on high-contact regions like doors, evolving rooms, pantries, and staff workplaces.

4. Temperature Check 

All guests and staff are checked before getting to the office. Your health and safety is our first priority. 

  • We know and informed
  • We are prepared
  • We are protected
  • We are taking each measure to ensure that our providing facilities is safe and secure for our clients.